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Woven Wire Mesh Supplier

As your woven wire mesh supplier, we offer top-quality solutions for various industries in India. With decades of experience, we exceed industry standards, providing precision, durability, and tailored products. Count on us for excellence and cost-effective solutions that meet your unique needs.

Wire mesh

Knapex type wiremesh

Vak Industry presents a path breaking Knapex Wire crimping and weaving technology.  Our wire mesh  has lower peaks and valleys resulting in uniform wear and a longer lifespan. Knapex  meshes have better locking mechanism . This help in maintaining precise hole opening thereby resulting in uniform sized aggregate output. Knapex design wire meshes  helps you maximize your aggregate production , improve product quality and reduce the cost of operations. Your profitability therefore increases manifold




Plain weave wiremesh

Explore the strength and versatility of Plain Weave Wiremesh. Perfect for various applications, it offers durability and precision. A simple wiremesh pattern is used to weave the mesh, but the opening precision is poor in th it is generally used where material size not an need.it has no advantage over knapex weave.



Anti clogging wire mesh

Anti clogging mesh

Anti-clogging mesh screen panels are a specific type of screening media with unique self-cleaning properties. Polyurethane connects independent wires to each other with a step up to 300mm (12”). As a result, this type of flexible connection allows the wires to vibrate freely. This vibration and mesh flexibility prevents fine particles from sticking to the mesh and therefore solves potential clogging and blinding problems. Regardless of the vibrating screen type, proper tensioning must be applied when fitting flex anti-clogging screens. Fine particles stick to the wires and form lumps which block the screen openings and decrease the screening area. Fortunately, S-type, D-type, and Piano-type anti-clogging screens solve these problems as the wires in these panels vibrate freely during operation.